Watch Baggage Claim Megashare


Watch Baggage Claim Megashare, I was hoping someone in the theater recorded and uploaded this to the web, so that it could be shared; and thankfully, someone did just that!  I thought it was a perfect post for the weekend - something that the many artists (actors, writers, directors, etc) who read this blog would appreciate watching and hearing.  We all need a swift kick in the ass from time to time to shake us up, and get us moving, and this just might do it for you today, or maybe tomorrow, or next week, next month, year, etc... Ms Jenifer Lewis preaching during the Q&A that followed the Urbanworld Film Festival opening night screening of Baggage Claim, when she was asked what advice she would give to,
Watch Baggage Claim Megashare,Sometimes you have to travel 30,000 miles just to appreciate the guy who lives down the hall — or so goes “Baggage Claim,” a movie about a Flight Attendant Barbie type who runs herself ragged chasing romantic prospects while her perfect suitor may as well be waving lighted wands from the runway the entire time. “Girl, open your eyes!” you want to shout, not that it would improve the exasperating situation. That kind of talk-back is typical of playwright David E. Talbert’s popular urban theater shows, though this watered-down adaptation of his 2003 novel is too worried about attracting white audiences (which it won’t) to let its African-American attitude take off.

The project represents something of a gamble for Fox Searchlight, which doesn’t have nearly the track record that Lionsgate (home of Talbert successor Tyler Perry) has had with black viewers; nor has it made the effort to court crossover audiences to support this release